December 3, 2008

"Bring Back My Child" - Dr. Phil

Last night my roommate and I were flipping through channels when we came across Dr. Phil from 8:00-9:00 p.m. I hadn't watched Dr. Phil in a long time so I got excited - HaHa! This episode featured parents whose child or children were taken away from them by their spouses, and they haven't seen them in years.

In one case, two brothers fled the country with their wives' children (three young sons) and the wives have not been heard from their families since. The wives said their husbands acted suspicious near the time of the incident, but they did not expect them to kidnap the kids. The wives continue to reach out desperately to contact their children, but they have no leads except that the kids might be in a foreign country where their husbands were born.

Another guest was a man named David whose wife, Bruna, left the country (to Brazil) with their 4-year-old son, Sean. David has not seen Sean in over four years. Tragically, he learned that Bruna passed away in Brazil. Now, Sean is being raised by his stepfather and the government is doing nothing to bring the boy back to the U.S. David is battling the Brazilian government, but nothing has come of it.

Finally, a mother named Cecilia fled with her daughter, Sephri, because she thought her child was being sexually abused by her husband. They were on the road for two months trying to leave the U.S. when they were caught by police near Canada. The police relinquished custody to the father (finding no evidence of abuse) while Cecilia was wanted for a felony. Now, she still believes she did the right thing, and she only gets two supervised hours a week to spend with Sephri.

Go see what I'm talking about!

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SaM-1 said...

Man... I was deciding to write my next blog about either a Tyra Show topic or this Dr. Phil Show topic. Guess you helped me with my decision... lol

But that's pretty bad when you have to kidnap your kids from their other parent. The last case (abuse) was probably the most reasonable. She had to do what she thought was right for the child. She suspected abuse and she took her child away from the situation. But I would've at least investigated it first.